ꕤ 「BL線上論壇」【當台灣遇見東南亞::BL電影導演創作分享】精華 ꕤ

「我覺得這樣的故事 (BL) 可以幫助很多人探索自己,更了解這樣的議題 (LGBTIQ+)。像是《電競男孩》第一季上線的時候,我收到很多的訊息說自己終於能夠跟家人出櫃。甚至還有觀眾說他的母親看了這個劇然後之後,也能接受了他的同志身份。所以我覺得這樣的故事其實非常重要,不管是在哪一個世代,都能夠讓人們更加了解這個議題(LGBTIQ+)。」–– 伊萬・安德魯・帕亞瓦爾導演

"I believe the story that is being told can help different people who are struggling with their identities, who come to terms with knowing themselves. I remember when Gameboys season 1 aired online, a lot of messages poured in. They were telling us how he could come out to the family, and her mum actually watched our series and came to terms with acceptance in the family. So I believe a story like this is very important, not just to my generation but to all generations, to open their mind and hearts." said director Ivan Andrew Payawa.


「除了BL電影之外,LGBTIQ+族群在YT頻台或其他頻台都好,有很多的創作者願意創作關於這樣議題的故事,那他可以觸動很多人對於自身的思考,或者是可以成為一個溝通的橋樑。我覺得是絕對有影響的,但我們當然希望這些影響可以導向一些正向的影響,可以是令人覺得有希望、有勇氣、或是勇敢做自己。」–– 蔡宓潔導演

"I think not only BL films, but we see a lot of LGBTQ+ communities' storytellings on Youtube and other platforms as well. I think it's important as this storytelling encourages people to think, reevaluate, and become a bridge to build a conversation around it. I think it certainly has an impact, and I hope this can be a positive impact that encourages people to have hope, faith and courage to be themselves." said director Tsai Mi-Chieh.