ꕤ 「BL線上論壇」【東南亞耽美文化與BL電影美學】精華 ꕤ
"Is BL realistic? No. Is Gay media realistic? No. Media doesn't have to reflect reality, it can, but it doesn't need to. What it (media) can do is to produce emotional responses, and those emotional responses can be incredibly meaningful regardless of who produces the text, what their sexuality is or who the sexuality of the consumer is, etc. I think people involved in the production of BL do so not necessarily because they are looking to represent real life, but because they are trying to explore a particular emotionality or a particular way of feeling." said Macquarie University Senior Lecture Thomas Baudinette.
「BL是否真實?沒有。同志影視是否真實?沒有。影視產業不需要呈現出真實,可以有但未必一定要有。他們 (BL 和影視產業) 要表達的是一種情感,而這些情感是很有意義,不管是誰編劇出來的作品、他們的性別、或是觀眾性向等等。我覺得製作BL的團隊們不是為了將作品呈現出現實面,而是因為他們是在嘗試探討一種情感或是透過某種管道來感受這些情感。」–– 澳洲麥考瑞大學 國際研究系講師講師 柏糖木
"BL for me is more fantasies that focus on romance as a priority. The first priority of doing this content (BL) is to make people escape from their real life to enjoy some extraordinary relationship. But for me, LGBT is more character central, and the story is more realistic, and the characters are driven by their gender identities." said director Chookiat Sakveerakul.
「BL 對我來說比較奇幻且為了傳達浪漫為主軸。這主軸確實是為了讓大家逃避現實來享受這些非凡的感情與關係。但LGBT作品對我來說比較是以角色為中心,故事通常會比較寫實,且角色通常也因他們的性別身份來主導故事。」—— 楚克薩克瑞科