ꕤ 《亨利的柏林假期》線上訪談精華 ꕤ
ꕤ 《亨利的柏林假期》線上訪談精華 ꕤ
During the Live Online Q&A, Director Daniel Sánchez López shared that the Before Trilogy inspired the film by Richard Linklater; especially Before Sunset (2004), inspired him the most with its style that displays the authenticity which viewers will never get sick of it. On top of that, it also encourages the director to narrate the Queer story in brand new potential style and angle.
對於受保守宗教觀念中影響的人來說,多邊戀可能是難以理解或想像的一件事,因為會覺得自己的背景是種阻礙。就像電影中的Johannes的自白, 對導演來說,這其實是另一種出櫃電影,是在男同志社群出櫃的二次出櫃,告訴他人自己和他們不同的地方。所以他才刻意將結局設定成開放式結局,目的是為了提供觀眾思考的空間,而不是解答。
For those under the influence of traditional religions, polyamory may be hard to explain because it may be considered a "sin". The director regards this film to be categorized as a "coming-out film" because in the gay community, coming out for the second time is to tell others how they are different from others. And that's why he intends to set the ending as an open-end, for provoking the audience's thoughts rather than providing answers.